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Welcome to the Flexible Power Symposium 2020: a Virtual Experience! This year’s event is hosted on Hopin, an online event platform designed to create engaging events experiences.

In this guide we will introduce the key features of Hopin:

1. Access Hopin

Hopin works best on the latest version of Google Chrome and on Mozilla Firefox. No need to download additional software.

Hopin also works on mobile although we recommend using your computer for a better experience.

2. Creating your profile

Log in to create your profile.
Add your profile picture to better connect with others.

Put your job title/position and company in the “headline” field. Link to your website and social media accounts.
(​Figure 1​)

(Figure 1)

3. Event navigation

All you need to enjoy the event is one click away:
On the left, you see 5 main areas: Reception, Stage, Sessions, Networking and Expo.

On the right, you see 3 main tabs: Chat, Polls, and People.

To minimize this, click on the arrow at the top right beside the timer.

A red dot indicates a new message or poll. (​Figure 2​)

(Figure 2)

4. Reception

This page below will go LIVE during the event: come back anytime to check the schedule.
Add sessions into your calendar by clicking on the calendar icon in the schedule. This should update automatically to your time zone provided your calendar allows this.

(Figure 3)

5. Stage

The Stage is where keynotes and panels will take place.
Click on the tab named ‘Stage’ and wait for the session to start (see below):

(Figure 4)

6. Sessions

See the full schedule of sessions: [Reception]
Add sessions to your calendar: [Reception]
The sessions tab takes you to the sessions landing page where you will
see the available sessions for that time and date.
To access a session, click on its title.

You will be directed to the session area as you wait for it to start.

(Figure 5)

Sharing your video and audio in sessions is not possible, but you can message with people in the session with the chat on the right of the screen. (​Figure 5​)

New sessions will appear at the bottom of the “Sessions” page during transitions. Make sure to scroll down or refresh the page at that time.

7. Networking feature

The networking area will be open throughout the event.
It is the perfect place to meet with other participants, and connect to them with video and audio.

To start networking, click “Ready” and you will be randomly matched to another participant: chat with that person for 3 minutes. After that, a “connect” button will appear: click on it to add that person to your “connections”, within your Hopin profile, so you can follow up later.

(Figure 6)

8. Video and Audio Troubleshooting

Select your audio and video device so that people can hear and see you at the event.
If you are unable to select your AV options, you probably need to give browser permissions for Hopin to access your AV devices.

How to allow Camera and Microphone in a web browser

On Firefox:
Click the video icon in the URL field
Choose your Camera and Microphone
Click Allow

(Figure 7)

On Chrome:
Click on the padlock icon next to the URL
Set Camera and Microphone to Allow

(Figure 8)

9. Contact

If you have any further questions, please contact fps@wartsila.com

You can also visit our FPS Help Desk for further assistance:


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